St. Roch's Church Main Altar


The preparation for the sacrament of confirmation is conducted through the parish and NOT through the Catholic schools.

This sacrament of initiation prepares candidates to become full members of the church. The process is designed to assist the candidates as they take their places as mature Christians to face the challenges in the world and Church.

The journey in faith by the candidates is made through input, support, encouragement, example and commitment on the part of the parents, sponsors and the faith community of St. Roch’s.     

During this time of the pandemic, confirmation registration for this school year (2020/2021) will take place during the season of Lent.  Deadline to register is March 31, 2021.    Please complete the Confirmation Form and Confirmation Sponsor Information sheet and return to our office via email or by dropping off in our mailbox outside our office.  Please ensure a copy of your child's baptism certificate is included if your child was baptized at a church other than St. Roch.  The Sponsor Information Sheet must also include a copy of the sponsor's confirmation certificate.

Regarding the catechesis, presently we are unable to have in person classes and we are considering options with regards to offering classes virtually. If the opportunity arises for us to hold in person sessions, you will be notified.  Because of the pandemic, the number of sessions will be adjusted.  Celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation will then occur in Fall 2021 at a date yet to be determined.

Confimation Package