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Tax Receipts
Especially during these challenging times, we are forever thankful for your generosity. Your offering helps us to continue...
Tax Recipt Pen and coffee
2021 - Confirmation
During this time of the pandemic, confirmation registration for this school year (2020/2021) will take place during...
Registration - First Communion
For those parents with children currently in Gr. 2 wishing to receive First Communion, we invite you to...
Chalice with Host and grapes and bread
Sunday envelope being dropped in plate
2021 Sunday Envelopes
For those wishing to pick up their Sunday offetory envelopes for 2021 and have not yet done so...

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Rev. Phillip Smith C.PP.S.

Rev. Augusto Menichelli C.PP.S.
Associate Pastor

Deacon Ignacio Mateo
Deacon Assistant

Rev. William Mnyagatwa C.PP.S.

Parish Staff
Julie Swinimer
Parish Secretary

St. Roch's, St. Alphonsus, John Merlini
Catholic Education Week

The theme for Catholic Education Week 2021 is Nurturing Hope.

Message from Fr. Phil

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