St. Roch's Church Main Altar


In the Catholic Church, Marriage is more than a legal contract; it is a sacrament, a sacred bond. It is important, therefore, that the church where you get married be a place where you come regularly to pray to God, to be nourished by the Word of the Lord and the Body and Blood of Christ, and to have a sense of community with your fellow Catholics. Couples who get married at St. Roch’s must be registered and practicing members of the parish.


  1. The first step is to attend weekend mass and introduce yourselves to the Pastor. Then you can call the office to set up an initial meeting to set your wedding date and time
  2. Choose a Marriage Preparation Course.

At this 6 week course you will:

  1. Get a red Paperback book (Celebrating our Love) to help you understand the marriage liturgy (i.e. what happens at church during a wedding ceremony, the order of the rites, the words, the readings, etc. PLEASE READ IT!!
  2. Father Phil and the Team will speak to you about the seriousness of the sacrament and what is appropriate behaviour and dress code.
  3. Information will be given about the wedding rehearsal: when, where, what happens and who attends.
  4. Information will be given about what else you will need to do before your wedding to prepare for the sacrament i.e. license, baptism certificates, etc

Full participation and successful completion of ALL six sessions is MANDATORY for both bride and groom to be married.