Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Confirmation Program 2023/2024

Thank you for considering to register your child in our 2023/2024 Confirmation Program.

This sacrament of initiation prepares candidates to become full members of the church. The process is designed to assist the candidates as they take their places as mature Christians to face the challenges in the world and Church.

The journey in faith by the candidates is made through input, support, encouragement, example and commitment on the part of the parents, sponsors and the faith community of St. Roch’s.

Please make note of the following:

  1. The preparation for the sacrament of confirmation is conducted through the parish and not through the Catholic schools.
  2. Registration is currently open.   
  3. Registration forms are available at the bottom of this section.
  4. Please download the forms, complete and return to our office either via email or by dropping off in our mailbox located beside our parish office door. A copy of your child’s baptism certificate is to be attached with the registration form.
  5. We have also included a form with regards to your child’s Confirmation sponsor. Please note that we will also need a copy of the sponsor’s confirmation certificate to be attached with this form. (If the sponsor was confirmed here at St. Roch, a certificate is not required. Simply indicate this on the form together with the date of confirmation).

If Your Child Is Not Baptized

  • If your child has not been baptized or was not baptized in the Roman rite, please contact the parish office at 416-749-0328.
  • If your child is baptized in the Eastern Catholic Rite (i.e. Chaldean rite), then your child has already been confirmed at baptism and does not need to register in the program.
  • If your child has not received first communion
  • If your child has not received the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, please mark this down on the registration form.


If you are not a registered member of St. Roch, then we will need a letter from your local pastor giving permission for Confirmation to occur here.

Deadline For Registration

All documentation (together with required certificates - your child’s baptism certificate and the sponsor’s confirmation certfiicate) are to be in our office by January 18th, 2024. If registration (including forms) is incomplete, your child will not be registered in this year’s program and you will be asked to wait to register until the following year.

Confimation Package