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If You Are Struggling, Catholic Agencies Are Ready to Help

Posted : Dec-18-2020

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The Christmas season can be a difficult time for many people, but the COVID-19 pandemic will likely bring new challenges to what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year.

If you are experiencing loneliness, loss, depression, anxiety, anger, violence, marriage breakdown or any other difficulty, Catholic agencies are ready to help. They provide affordable, professional counselling, resources and sessions that could make a difference in your life.

Catholic Family Services agencies are located throughout the archdiocese and provide a wide-range of counselling and wellness service, thanks in part to the support of ShareLife. To learn more about your local Catholic Family Services agency, please visit:

The Southdown Institute has also started offering virtual mental health counselling and webinars for the laity through the Community Wellness Services.

There is often a large demand for these services, so please do not delay reaching out if you need help. 

We at the Archdiocese of Toronto continue to pray for all those who are struggling during these difficult times.